5 Best Free Android Games Released This Week (Editor’s Pick)

This week we’ve got 5 games that hit the Android Market and deserve to be featured in our weekly roundup of the best free Android games released. Check out the list below in no particular order (although my favorites would have to be Burn The Rope and Helidrod 3D).

Best free Android games released this week

Burn the Rope – Worlds & Friends: Burn the Rope:Worlds & Friends, Playphone Edition 100 levels & 4 themed worlds! Burn the Rope:Worlds & Friends lights up your Android all over again with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn.

Helidroid 3D – Helicopter RC: Helidroid 3D is a realistic 3D game, which let you control a little RC helicopter in a house. The first part takes place in a bedroom, where you have to accomplish 30 missions : At the beginning, there are only easy misisons, like taking off from the bed and landing on the desk. But step by step, the missions will become more and more complicated, and a lot of new toys will appear, like a car-circuit or an electronic-train… When you finish the game, you become a real pilot!

The Goolalies – Monster Pet: The Goolalies come from far far away planet to the Earth planet. They come with peace and like to be friends with humans. It’s your job to take care of them and protect them from enemies!

Mac Hunter: Help Mac Hunter find the golden treasure! Mac Hunter is an explorer monkey who loves treasures and golden coins. He must travel alongside the river, crossing the jungles, deserts and ancient ruins to gather all the blings on the way.

Dino Picker: This game is evolved from a fantasy story of alien world. There is a planet called ‘Drakota” which is far from earth and it was habituated by alien creatures which has three life zones called “Desert”, “Forest” and “Deep Sky”. One day all their three life zones were occupied by dinosaurs causing havoc. The planet management calls on Mr. Crazy Pickers a special army commander to pick dino’s and clean the planet. The Crazy Picker has a unique spaceship which can operate with fuel and can send powerful radiation beams. These beams can lift the dino’s and transfer them to another planet. However the spaceship can pick all dino’s without any difficulty but two species of dino’s can release fire balls which can damage and collapse the spaceship. All depends upon the skill of Mr. Crazy Picker to operate spaceship without being hit by fireballs.