Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Pegged As March 13 In Europe [Rumor]

The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks set to become the most sought after Android smartphone of 2012. Unfortunately for all the fans out there, Samsung appears to have found a way to keep its details locked up pretty tight.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S3 release date set as March 13

Not only are we still stuck speculating a release date that spans from next month right until the end of the year, to some concrete specs which are still hard to come by.

Well it now looks like there may be another Samsung Galaxy S3 release date to add to the rumor mill – March 12th 2012. The new date comes courtesy of MobileCowboys, a well-known European tech blog. According to the source, it will make its release in Turkey.

On a side note, the same source that gave MC the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date also dropped two other device names: the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and the Galaxy Note S. No further details were given about them either.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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