Samsung Galaxy Note S & Galaxy S2 Plus (More Galaxy Successors Leaked)

If you thought that we would have to wait until after the first batch of new Galaxy smartphones were announced at MWC 2012 before we see new ones get added to the list then you will be gladly mistaken. Samsung looks set to release many more Galaxy devices this year than we saw in 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Note S & Galaxy S2 Plus to join Galaxy S3 later this year

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 and Galaxy S3 which are rumored to debut at the Mobile World Congress event on February 27, a new leak courtesy of well-known tech site MobileCowboys suggests that the Galaxy S2 Plus and Galaxy Note S will be joining us by Q4 2012.

MC’s source is an informant who managed to take a peek at a Samsung sales list. Now this informant has a proven track record hence why the March 13th Samsung Galaxy S3 release date that has been floating around the Web has gathered so much attention.

Now unfortunately not much else is known about the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and the Galaxy Note S other than their names. However we get the feeling that if the Galaxy S2 Plus releases after the Galaxy S3, there will no doubt be some form of confusion for buyers.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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