AT&T Has Plan To Kill Remaining Unlimited Data Plan Accounts?

While AT&T no longer offers an unlimited data plan, its network has many users who were already grandfathered into it before they discontinued offering the plan. Well if you are envious of such users then don’t be as it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

AT&T enforcing unfair unlimited data plan throttle caps?

According to a recent post on, the author blogged what happened to him and his unlimited data plan with AT&T. Mike stated that it “looks like AT&T has a new system to rid itself of the remaining unlimited data plan accounts.”

What does he mean by that? According to the blog, he received those same warning texts that were telling him he was approaching the data usage of the top 5% of users:

“ATT Free Msg: Your data use is approaching the top 5% of users. Avoid reduced data speeds, use Wi-Fi where available. Visit or call 6883447584.”

This message escalated to the point where he was told he was already part of the top 5% of users and that data throttling would start next. Now what is interesting is that his data usage was only 2.34GB, which is not much given that according to an AT&T repo he spoke with over the phone, an average iPhone owner uses 2GB/month.

What followed was data throttling down to 2G speeds (EDGE). That’s right, he had an unlimited data plan that was throttled down to almost useless speeds versus the 4.4Mbps he was enjoying before (check out the screenshot below).

In addition to being told by AT&T customer support about the average iPhone owner’s data usage, the CSR also stated that these “top 5% of users” messages are only being sent to those with unlimited data plans. So as Mike states, “tiered data plan contract holders (3GB and 5GB, currently) are money makers for AT&T with $10/GB after using the allotment, and therefore aren’t factored into the 5% of data users.”

Read Mike’s full report below and do tell us if you’ve experienced a similar issue with your AT&T unlimited data plan.

[MikeSenese Blog]

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