[OFFICIAL] AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note: February 17, $299

We knew the Samsung Galaxy Note was going to eventually make its way to the US and all eyes were on Verizon Wireless to get their hands on it first. Well it now looks like the humungous Samsung Galaxy Note will be calling AT&T home first, which coincidentally seems to be where all giant Android phones seem to go first (e.g. Dell Streak 5, Samsung Infuse 4G).

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note release date & price now official

Now if you want to get your hands around a Samsung Galaxy Note quick then the fastest way would be to pre-order one via AT&T’s website starting from February 5. According to AT&T, this will mean that your Galaxy Note will arrive on February 17. Otherwise you will need to wait until February 19 before it is available for retail purchase at stores.

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a $299 price tag (with 2-year contract) and a minimum monthly data package starting at $20/mo. On a side note, the February 5 pre-order date is also the same day as Super Bowl XLVI where Samsung is believed to debut a new ad:

“The Galaxy Note brings a new level of efficiency to busy customers who would normally rely on multiple devices… This new breed of smartphone helps consumers accomplish more with a single device than ever before. The unique all-in-one experience can simplify daily life while tapping into AT&T’s 4G LTE network to let customers work even faster,” said Jeff Bradley (Senior VP, Devices, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets).

So, who wants one?

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