Another Tethering App Sneaks Into Apple App Store (Get It While You Can)

It looks like another tethering app has managed to sneak into the Apple App Store. Called QuasiDisk, it cloaks itself as a simple file manager for your iPhone but the latest update has given it newfound abilities. That’s right, tether via proxy.

QuasiDisk iPhone tethering app

Now Apple is usually very quick to pull such apps from the App Store, so don’t expect QuasiDisk to be floating around too long. If you are after an app that lets you tether without paying carriers an additional cost to use this functionality that’s already built into your iPhone, we would suggest that you act fast. Of course, this tethering app would only appeal to certain users such as those in the US since most carriers in the UK, Australia and even South East Asia don’t have separate tethering plans.

Update: Easy come, easy go. We’ve just been informed that QuasiDisk has been pulled from the Apple App Store. However if you’re still after a tethering app you can check out the iRandomizer Numbers app which has a secret tethering function built in. Here is how to activate it:

Open up the iRandomizer Application; In the minimum text box, type in: 1984; In the maximum text box, type in: 31337. And you’re done, you should see the tethering screen appear.

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