iPad 3 May Be Here In A Matter Of Weeks, What To Expect

If we are to believe the current chatter, the next-generation Apple tablet i.e. the iPad 3, may be here in just a couple of weeks. Following its usual release cycles in stores of somewhere between March and April, we may see Apple make the announcement sometime in late February. So what can we expect the Apple iPad 3 to bring? Here are the top iPad 3 rumors to date:

Top rumored Apple iPad 3 features and specs

Faster speeds: Not only is the iPad 3 rumored to pack a faster processor but also come equipped with 4G LTE radios. Unfortunately if Apple does in fact have to squeeze in the LTE antenna, we may see the iPad 3 slightly thicker (around 1mm) or possibly employ a teardrop design like in the concept below.

Better graphics: In addition to a faster processor which will allow for improved graphics support, the iPad 3 is likely to have a higher resolution display. And clarity doesn’t end there as the iPad 3 front facing web camera may also be bumped up to HD.

Consequently, Apple will also bump up the battery capacity on the iPad 3 in order to accommodate for all the above additions. We already know that utilizing the LTE network consumes more power. As for other rumors floating around the blogosphere and suggesting that the iPad 3 will be made available with a 7-inch screen option and 3D support, the chances don’t look too good.

Lastly, when the iPad 3 arrives in March or April, it may not mean the end of the iPad 2. Apple may continue to produce the iPad 2 and sell it at a lower price ($299 to $399) in order to better rival the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and other upcoming low-cost tablets.

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