Windows Phone 7 Watch With “Super Spy” Built-In Bluetooth Headset… Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

With Nokia running on all cylinders with their launch of a new line of Windows Phone 7 devices, Microsoft’s Mobile OS has no place to go but up. However while Nokia appears to be solely focused on smartphones in order to build up a strong base of WP7 users, this interesting concept by Mithun Darji shows another interesting take on Window Phone 7 applications.

Windows Phone 7 watch concept

What you see pictured below is a Windows Phone 7 watch concept. In addition to the metro tiles UI that we love, the concept watch integrates a Bluetooth headset that gives it an almost Dick Tracy like cool factor. Other features include integrated media playback keys, WiFi, volume buttons and 4 shortcut keys at the bottom, that appear to be for answering and hanging up.

Darji adds that the inspiration behind the styling is a retro-futurist trend and the Matrix movie, so we will forgive the overstyling.

Now of course a couple of questions come up when looking at this concept such as how small would the onscreen keyboard be to type on and whether there is sufficient space to fit a camera.