28-inch Full HD Apple Television Lives Up To Its Name [PICS]

Ever since Steve Jobs’ biography was released and in it details that the late Apple founder said he finally cracked the television, all eyes are on the Cupertino based company to release an Apple HDTV.

28-inch Apple Television not what we were after

The rumor mill pegs the Apple HDTV to feature an OLED screen and display sizes ranging right up to 42-inches. It is also rumored to come Siri enabled, allow you to use your iOS devices as secondary remote controls, and of course run apps.

While we will have to wait and see where that goes, if anywhere, here is a funny take on the Apple Television that was sent in by one of our readers. What you see pictured below is the 28-inch Hannspree Apple Television that popped up on the HSN. Boasting a 1080p Full HD LCD display, its interesting shape is where it gets its “misleading” name. Check out the official description below. It will set you back $360.

Hannspree 28″ Apple-Shaped 1080p Full HD LCD TV with HDMI Cable

Take a bite out of boring. If you like your decor a little bit different, this TV may be too much temptation to resist. Its curvaceous shape perfectly complements soft room decor where sharp edges appear too abrasive. Don’t let its cuteness deceive you though — this compact TV brings home high-tech features, too. You can connect all your HD and standard-definition components and enjoy your favorite entertainment from them. Best of all, it delivers a vivid HD picture that’s just about, well…delicious.

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