Best Android App This Week: One That’ll Have Your Phone Slammed To The Ground

This week we had quite a few app submissions from developers and readers for the title of best Android app this week. Well we have chosen a winner once again and while it may border on the “fart apps” category line, it does what it says it does and does it very well.

Best Android app this week: Scare Your Friends Ultimate

This app basically lets you select a scary image and sound effect to go with it. You can set it on timer and then hand your phone to an unsuspecting friend. They will be able to use your phone as normal but when the time comes it will no doubt have your friend slam your phone to the floor. Check out the official Android  Market description below:

“This application is ideal for those who want to play a trick on your friends! We all have fears of zombies, ghosts, aliens, monsters, devil halloween so we’ll use that fear to make a funny joke.”

“It’s all very simple and the best application is free. Your colleagues will be frightened by this little surprise! We will troll all your friends, be careful not to get caught. From now on you will have to be suspicious of all, after all everyone is a suspect … Be wary whenever someone comes to show the phone can be a trap! This app is a weapon, and through it you will “shots” of fear in his friends. In the end he also thought it very funny. This prank is awesome! Show the love that exists within your heart …. Scare all your friends!”


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