Samsung Galaxy S3 Makes Appearance On Samsung Website!

If you were disappointed when rumors broke out that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may skip Mobile World Congress 2012 and only launch sometime in April then here is some good news.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) listed on Samsung UAE website

It looks like Samsung is certainly preparing to launch the Galaxy S3 as is evident but a device that is believed to be the third-generation Galaxy S model spotted on a Samsung support website (screenshot below).

The Galaxy S III is believed to be codenamed GT-I9300, a next logical code considering that the original Samsung Galaxy S was GT-I90XX and the Galaxy S II GT-I91XX (the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy note were I9250 and I9220 respectively).

Unfortunately all that is listed on the Samsung website is the possible codename for the Galaxy S3 and void of details such as specs and images. Given that we are already seeing Samsung prepping for what is possibly going to be this year’s hottest Android smartphone, it may actually be able to make its debut at MWC 2012 after all.


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