Apple Fans React To Chinese Factory’s Poor Working Conditions

Earlier this month, the focus on the poor working conditions at factories which manufactured Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch made headlines once again. After news of the suicides at Foxconn factories died down, a report from Business Insider has re-lit some flames.

Apple and the poor working conditions at its partner factories in China

According to the report which cited insider sources, popular products like the iPhone were built partly using child labor at hourly wages as low as $0.70/hr.

This report has brought up other controversies regarding Apple’s manufacturing habits including why it doesn’t build its products in the US anymore and whether it should share more of its stellar profits with the factories that build its products, in order to make the working conditions slightly better.

Now ComputerWorld took to Apple customers directly as it asked them at the recent Macworld show in San Francisco what they thought about the situation in the factories in China where their beloved Apple products were being made. One particular statement worth highlighting from CW’s report comes from Steve Hathaway, one of the interviewed guests:

“The report is unlikely to change Apple customers’ buying habits… Most all companies are getting their stuff made and shipped from elsewhere ’cause it’s cheaper,” he said. And when asked if he thinks Apple customers would pay more to benefit the workers at this factory, his response was this: “Apple already has a premium price, you’d think they should be doing something on their end of it to make it right, you know?”

CW also points out that a couple of online petitions are running on regarding these issues (around 10 to do with Apple and the Chinese factories). One that asks for Apple to end the “slavery” conditions has 500 signatures while another that requests Apple that no factory worker should die when making an iPad has 190.

Read more about the mixed reactions Apple customers are having after these unpleasant details came to light in the full CW report.

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