RadioShack To Take On Best Buy & Walmart With Smartphone Low Price Guarantee

After jumping from T-Mobile to Verizon in order to expand their smartphone range, RadioShack is now taking things a little further by introducing smartphone price matching.

RadioShack Mobile Low Price Guarantee Program to take on Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Amazon,…

We all know that the worse place to buy your smartphone on contract is no doubt from carrier stores. However once outside of that, third party retailers like Amazon, Wirefly, Best Buy, Costco and Walmart all attempt to undercut each other by slashing the recommended price tag of the latest smartphones as far as they can go.

Now according to the folks over at SprintFeed who managed to get their hands on a RadioShack document, starting January 29th Radioshack will launch their Mobile Low Price Guarantee program.

So if you find a cheaper price on a smartphone at one of the other third party retailers, Radio Shack employees will now have the chance to price match it. This wil no doubt come in handy when inventory is low at your preferred retailer.

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