iPhone Bandits Love Apple Customer Service Too

We’ve all heard the great stories of how Apple customer support is so generous when it comes to assisting Apple users with damaged Apple products. A quick browse through the Apple Reddit threads alone will yield multiple instances of Apple users getting their iPod touch replaced for free even after the water damage was their own fault, and iPhone screens being replaced FOC despite user negligence. Well it now looks like it isn’t just owners of the device that are thankful of Apple support, but also thieves.

iPhone thieves take advantage of Apple Store customer service policies

According a recent report by Reuters, because you never have to show up in person to get your iPhone fixed, anyone can take in your iPhone under warranty and get it fixed. While this is good news if you’re unable to do it yourself and can ask a family member to do it on your behalf, the same applies with total strangers such as thieves.

Stolen iPhone that made their way back to the Apple Store for either a fix or replacement have brought to attention how Apple’s warranty policy can work against the owner. Reuters reports of such a case where an MIT graduate who had her iPhone stolen had later received an automated email from Apple informing her that the iPhone was being repaired at an Apple Store. Unfortunately when she tried getting it back by visiting the said store, they weren’t allowed to hand it to her nor do anything about it.

As for thieves, stealing an iPhone would be the same as hitting a jackpot given that they could get it fixed for free in case they pocketed one that wasn’t in so pristine condition. And if it was irreparable, they could trade it in for a new one at a discount price and then sell the new unit for full retail.

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