AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note: Feb 18th, $299

AT&T looks set to start 2012 off on the right foot by not only getting their hands on some stellar devices but also launching them in a timely fashion.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note release date & price alongside 2 more Androids

In addition to details that AT&T is expected to sell the Nokia Lumia 900 for below $100 on contract, there are now release dates for the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Rugby Smart and the Fusion.

According to BGR, all three smartphones will hit stores on February 18. The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note will set you back $299.99 on contract, the entry-level Samsung Rugby Smart with HSPA+ for $99.99 and finally the AT&T Fusion at$124.99.

Of course these smartphones may not be enough to steal the show from the Nokia Lumia 900 at the moment but there is one other Android expected to be announced in February that just might: the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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