“Bandroid”: App Store For Banned Android Apps Coming Soon

Android developer Koushik Dutta is currently working on building an alternative to the Android Market which will allow apps that were banned from the official Market to be distributed.

CM App Store – An alternative to the Android Market, and then some…

In addition to banned apps, we can also expect custom ROMs, game emulators and tethering apps that carriers request Google to block from the official Android Market.

Given that Dutta is a member of the CyanogenMod team, we can also expect one-click rooting apps to make their way into this Android Market that has been dubbed “Bandroid” by the blogosphere.

Of course, don’t look at this as a place to download apps that were banned for reasons such as theft and malware. Dutta in particular had his tethering app blocked by the Android Market (obviously due to the request from US carriers) and “Bandroid” will not be easily bullied by the such parties who aim to block useful apps like this. As for the name “CM App Store”, we get the feeling that it will be changed soon given Apple’s copyright on the term “App Store”. We do like “Bandroid” though 😉

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