New Canon 5D Mark III With Built-In Joystick Spied In Kenya? [PICS]

With the Canon 5D Mark II now close to 3 years old and the company rolling out its new Digic 5 image processor across its range, it comes as no surprise that the camera is due for an update.

Canon 5D Mark III spotted in Kenya?

So when photographer Stephen Oach secretly took a couple of pictures of a Canon employee using a new Canon camera out on safari in Kenya, it got the camera community buzzing with rumors.

At first glance, the new Canon DSLR has a lot of similar traits to the Canon 5D Mark II, hence hinting that it is likely the Canon 5D Mark II. The camera has a similar large battery grip but on closer inspection we will notice some upgrades. For one there appears to be some kind of joystick attached to it. Secondly the supposed 5D Mark III seems to have a larger LCD (and no it’s not the 7D as it doesn’t have a pop-up flash and the “Q” button is on the right).

While it is difficult to say what we are looking it, Oach’s photos no doubt confirm it is a new Canon DSLR, and it is no entry-level model. If this is truly the Canon 5D Mark III and it’s already out in Kenya for field testing, we can be confident it will be available on the market by summer of this year.

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