iPhone 5 Couldn’t Have Picked A Better Release Date

As we move deeper in 2012 and the current row of top Android smartphones begin to pop up (HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 and growing rumors of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD), one smartphone in particular that has remained under wraps is the iPhone 5.

2012 iPhone 5 release date seems perfect considering all things

At this point we can’t be certain about what Apple has planned other than we will see the iPhone 5 (if that will be its name) this year. Everything else is just rumors at this point. And personally, I don’t think they could have picked a better a release date given what the speculations of the iPhone 5 have been surmounting to date.

2012 of course is synonymous with the end of world (if you’ve seen the movie or read about how the Mayan calendar ends this year you wil understand). Now this story of course isn’t about how we just have a couple of months left to live before the end of things. What it is actually about is how the iPhone 5 plans to end many things in 2012.

If you’ve been following the iPhone 5 rumor mill then you will be aware that its release will supposedly mean the end of the line for current iPhone accessories. The reason for this is that after 5 years, Apple is purportedly set to change its traditional dock connector for a 19-pin variant. What this means is that accessories like speaker docks, travel chargers, car audio connection kits, FM modulators, and the likes will all suddenly become incompatible.

And that is not all that the iPhone 5 release date is expected to end in 2012. Rumors of Apple testing NFC and the introduction of Passbook in iOS 6 could mean the revolution of mass uptake of a new form of payment that means the end of physical tickets and credit cards to name a few.

Lastly, and this is just for a good fun, it may (and I emphasize “may) mean the end of Samsung’s reign at the top. As we reported earlier this week, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently outselling the iPhone 4S on both Verizon and AT&T.

With Apple appearing to put an end to all things, we don’t think the 2012 iPhone 5 release date could be more fitting.

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