Dislike Samsung Galaxy S3? 3 Upcoming Phones To Wait For

While Amazon’s upcoming phone may compete with Android and iPhone, analysts reckon the iPhone 5 will be 2012’s most popular reports PopHerald. Let’s explore these 3 rumored smartphones of 2012.

Top Rumored Phones of 2012: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Amazon Kindle Phone

There’s a rumor about Amazon designing its own Android smartphone so it can shift more content in the form of Android apps, music and films. Wired News says that an ad-based Kindle Phone will work because Amazon will be able to support some of the phone’s data plan. It sounds bonkers, but is likely, given that Amazon and AT&T can offer e-readers free unlimited data, as long as they don’t mind ads. The only doubt is whether AT&T’s 3G network can handle it.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, the as-yet-unannounced phone may be upon us by the end of the year. If this happens, then the Amazon phone will enter this lucrative market just after the iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

And on the subject – rumors floating about this week say that the Galaxy Note 2 is heading to the IFA next month. A benchmark test score posted online says it’ll have a quad-core chip similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as a HD Pentile display and Ice Cream Sandwich. So, if Amazon is flogging a cheap Android smartphone and the iPhone 5 is out there doing its thing, where will the Note 2 fit in, exactly? Especially with the Samsung Galaxy S3 flying off the shelves?

Lastly we get to Apple’s iPhone 5, reportedly arriving by the end of October. It is now affecting the sales of older iPhones including the months-old iPhone 4S mainly due to customers waiting for Apple to announce the iPhone 5 before shelling out.

The most recent channel checks run by analysts show that more Android phones than iPhones were activated in the June quarter. Samsung garnered more customers than other Android makers like LG, Motorola Mobility and HTC. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is reportedly Verizon Wireless’ and AT&T’s most popular smartphone. Tavis McCourt of Raymond James reportedly said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has benefited from its Long Term Evolution (LTE) advantage over the iPhone 4S. Also, it has bagged a few customers who are too impatient to wait for the iPhone 5.


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