HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why HTC Wins

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are two of the leaders in the world of smartphones in the US and both are available on AT&T with very similar specs. These include 16GB or storage, the Snapdragon 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual core processor with Adreno 225 graphics and a 720p screen. They also have support for 4G LTE along with HSPA+ and they both come with ICS Android 4.0 and have an 8 megapixel camera and come on contract with a price tag of $199.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

So which of these two giants comes out on top? Well there are some differences in the build, materials used and the screens, so let’s go on this.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out on top for storage as there is support for SD card and it does have a removable battery. These are areas in which the HTC One X fails.

When it comes to build the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a glossy plastic look which some say is gaudy. Both of the handsets have casings of polycarbonate but there is no getting away from the fact that the One X looks classier. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hands looks cheap, so the HTC One X is the winner.

Both handsets come with 1280 x 720p screens and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has high contrast and superb colours. Super AMOLED is a little outdated with the Pentile matrix and often colours are over saturated. The HTC One X is sharp and looks natural and it also looks better in direct sunlight. Therefore the HTC One X wins.

Software wise it is HTC Sense vs. TouchWiz and Sense allows ICS to do its own thing with very few customizations. HTC also have many tricks which means the handset is more intuitive and so it’s easy to see which of the phones comes out on top.

Of course fans of Samsung or HTC will know which handset they want, but the One X does come out on top in comparison points, however if its external storage that you want then the Samsung Galaxy S3 does have this in its favor along with the removable battery. Protection Status