iPhone 5 Release Date Set For August 7, Cops Called On Galaxy S3 Party Earlier Than Expected [RUMOR]

According to KnowYourMobile the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 could be set to be launched very soon. A reliable industry source has said that they will be launched at the Apple keynote which will be held on August 7th.

iOS 6 & iPhone 5 release date tipped for August 7

The iPhone 4S came to us in October of last year and there have been rumors going around that the latest incarnation would be released around the same time. This would be in time to take advantage of holiday sales, so August could be a little on the early side, however Apple may well surprise us.

Analyst for Forrester, Charles Golvin believes that Apple could be trying to make the most of “back to school” if they release the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in August. Of course this would all depend on whether they get FCC approval for their handset by then. It is more than likely therefore that the new iPhone 5 will be unveiled in time for the holiday season around September or October.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 has not even been announced yet, a retailer based in China has begun to take orders for the iPhone 5. When they device is released it could see an end to the Galaxy S3 party in the smartphone market much earlier than anticipated.


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