iPhone 5: Apple’s Awkward Teenager

This week has been one all about the iPhone 5 and iPad mini rumors. It has been suggested that the new iPhone 5 will be thinner than previous models and it will be taller at the same time thanks to a 4-inch display.

After 6 years, Apple may finally let iPhone grow a little taller, thinner

The iPhone has remained at 3.5-inches ever since its inception over 5 years ago. With the current trend in smartphones going towards bigger displays and thinner bodies, it will be no surprise if Apple finally considers letting the iPhone size up, if not by just a little. If rumors serve true then we will see a 4-inch iPhone 5 which will be taller than the 4S, thinner and also narrower. Yup, it seems like Apple is letting the iPhone move on into its awkward teenage years.

At 4-inches, it will still be smaller than its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Nevertheless we are certain it will go a long way in ensuring that it has better battery life, is more pocketable than its rivals and also fits in the palms of everyone’s hands.

The iPhone 5 is speculated to launch sometime during the fall alongside iOS 6. With the Samsung Galaxy S3 already having a huge headstart and selling extremely well, the iPhone 5 will have to play catchup to Samsung this year.

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