Official Motorola DROID RAZR Android Update Leaked, Jelly Bean? We Wish

DroidLife reports that there has been another update found for the Motorola DROID RAZR. It was found on the servers of Motorola and is listed as build 6.16.215 and it seems to be a very important update.

Motorola DROID RAZR Android update leaked, not Jelly Bean

The baseband for the LTE radio and the kernel both receive updates and members in the forums who have downloaded and flashed the update are saying that they can tell the difference in connectivity.

The update brings Google Chrome to the handset too, though whether Motorola plan on removing their stock browser we are not sure. Last week there was a leak for the Atrix HD and this too included the Chrome web browser. It may be that Motorola have decided to use the non-beta version of Chrome which was released just two weeks ago for their devices from here on in.

If you want to flash this to your handset you need the stock 6.16.211 with no frozen apps and if you wish to be able to return to this you will be able to thanks to the RSD Lite along with the fastboot file which was leaked last week.