Microsoft Surface Tablet Hits Amazon, 5 Variants Offered

The Amazon website has jumped the gun and gone ahead and posted five new Microsoft Surface tablets with Windows and one of them is a model that was previously unannounced – 32GB.

Amazon Germany lists 5 new Microsoft Surface tablets

The product pages for the devices do not provide prices or release dates; instead they want people to sign up for notification via email when the devices become available.

Of the five, four 10.6 inch tablets were spotted on a German forum and these match the devices that Microsoft revealed in its Surface announcement and the specs on the Microsoft website.

The Windows 8 Pro tablets with 64GB of memory and 128GB of memory have been listed. The Pro tablets are the up market edition and come with Windows 8 full version along with Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processors. It is thought that these will have a higher price tag and be in line with the cost of Ultrabooks.

Sources who are close to Microsoft have said that the Pro versions will begin at $999 and the Surface RT version would come in at $599. If this is true it means that the 64GB version of the Surface Pro would be several hundred dollars higher than some of the Ultrabooks which have recently be revealed, starting from $599 to $799.

Amazon Germany have however surprised everyone as they have revealed a 32GB Pro version of the Surface which is thought to have the same processor and hardware. This would include HD display, stylus pen support, USB 3.0 and 42 watt hour battery. This version is thought to be the entry model and a cheaper version, so it would Give Ultrabooks along with laptops some serious competition.

The Surface RT tablets are offered in 32GB and 64GB storage options which have the NVidia 3 quad core processors. The Amazon website does not list anymore specs for these versions but they will run a tablet version of Windows 8 and be lighter and thinner.


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