Tips: Get An iPad For Below Retail Price

Is there any way to avoid the high prices when looking to purchase an Apple product, in particular a tablet? We are of course talking about the iPad, the most sought after tablet on the market. Aside from paying full retail via the Apple Store, this week our readers ask us if there was any way they could buy an iPad cheap without being scammed. Well here is the answer.

How to get an Apple iPad for cheap?

How cheap you can get your hands on an iPad basically depends on what you want. For instance, if you are considering the 3rd generation of the iPad, then you probably cannot get it cheaply. On the other hand if you go for the iPad 2 you could pick it up for around $399.

This means that you would have a price tag that was more affordable and you would still have a powerful tablet in your hands. There are ways to save even more when purchasing a tablet and one of these is to buy a refurbished model from Apple. These are generally models that have been used and which are sold with a 1 year warranty. They typically come with a new battery and case and you could save as much as $100 by purchasing a used New iPad ‘3’.

Then there is the option of eBay or even Amazon. If you want to take a risk both of these have the iPad for sale, generally for under $300. However you have to bear in mind that they will not be in excellent condition and if you do purchase second hand this way, you will not have a warranty to rely on.

Have a good weekend folks?

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