Got Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Already? 5 Things To Do Next

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally here and here are five things you may be interested to know to help you get the best out of this top-end Android if your order has already arrived.

Samsung Galaxy S3: setting it up right

Have your lock screen how you want it – you can customize the lock screen on the phone to give you access to widgets or apps. Disable the lock screen and then head into “settings” and “security”, then choose the “lock screen options”. You can then choose what apps you would like on your lock screen.

Delete the annoying apps – the handset will come with plenty of apps, along with services, that you might not find very useful. These are all taking up space and while you cannot delete them, you can at least hide them. If you go into the “app drawer” and highlight a particular app, you can drag it to “app info” and then choose “disable”. The app with then not show up anymore. If you want to get it back go to “settings” and “applications” and click on the app you wish to restore and choose “enable”

Getting the most out of S Voice – if you want to get the most out of S Voice here are some tips. Did you know that with S Voice you are able to get weather, directions and write text messages and emails and more? To launch it double tap your home button and then say “what can I say” You will then see a list of all the commands you can use with the app. you can even set up a wake up command and input your home address in the settings screen.

Setting custom vibrations – you can choose to set custom vibrations on your handset. Just go into “settings” and then choose “sounds”. Click on “device vibration” and “create” You can then set new patterns very easily and then save them.

Keep an eye on your data – if you have a data plan that is limited you can keep an eye on the amount of data usage by clicking on “settings” and then choosing “data usage”

There you have it, your Samsung Galaxy S3 is set!

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