Latest iPhone 5 Pictures Show Whole Device, 4S Photobombs

We’ve been seeing parts of the iPhone 5 so far with leaked components and molds but this may be the first time there is a complete picture of the entire device. Read on.

Latest iPhone 5 pictures show whole device with 4S side by side

The latest images to be leaked of the iPhone 5 come from KitGuru and they claim the pictures are from a test sample of the device they have. The photos show a handset that looks very much similar to pictures that have been leaked before and what has us thinking that they might be the real deal is that images have now been removed. Could this mean that Apple had something to do with this?

The photos show us what the new iPhone 5 may look like and it is shown along with the iPhone 4S. The new device looks to be a little bit taller than the 4S, but this has been expected and rumored, the longer screen looks as though it might be 16:9 as opposed to the 4:3 and it is thought that screen could be 4 inches.

The photos also show the rumored small dock connector and the headphone socket is at the bottom of the device. The rear of the device looks to be brushed metal and there are curved edges to the device. Of course it could turn out that this is actually the next in the iPod touch line up, although the larger screen tells us that it may very well be the iPhone 5 too.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be launching in October and so for now all we can do is wait and drool over these supposed leaked iPhone 5 pictures.


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