Apple Lets Slip iPhone 5 Features, Keeps Fans Excited

TechRadar are reporting that Apple are getting ready for the release of their next generation handset, which everyone suspects will be called the iPhone 5. The blog about technology said that according to analyst Shaw Wu Apple have started to reduce the number of iPhone 4S orders by 20% to 25% ready for the next fiscal quarter. This may be an indication that Apple is getting ready to launch their new handset. It is thought that this change is down to the upcoming 6th gen phone which we will likely see in September or October.

Nearing iPhone 5 release has Apple slowing down production of iPhone 4S

Many analysts are saying that the iPhone 5 is to be released in either September or October, although recently a rumor courtesy of 247Emirates said that the new phone could be released as early as August, in competition with Samsung. However a lot of analysts have dismissed this.

KnowYourMobile have said that in the past Apple have never rushed any of their products and they cannot see the company bringing forward the release by as much as two months. They say that the affect that this would have on production would be disastrous given the complexity. In their eyes the rumor is nothing more than wishful thinking despite the fact that everyone is waiting to see the device sooner rather than later.

Apple lets slip iPhone 5 features via iOS 6

Apple are keeping tight lipped about the iPhone 5 but when they revealed their latest iOS 6 update, which is said to be released in the fall, they did let slip some features that are expected to be on the new handset.

One of the changes thanks to iOS 6 is the way users will be able to answer calls, with the option of answering or declining. If you are busy you can send a text message from a choice of pre-programmed options. Users will also be able to remind themselves to return a call later.

Maps is another change as gone are Google Maps an in comes Apple’s own. This will see step by step directions and detailed graphics due to the app being vector based. There will also be visual and spoken navigation with turn by turn directions and traffic updates in real time.

Siri has also been updated and is now smarter than ever. It can find you restaurants along with movie times and update you Facebook status.

Facebook has been integrated which means users are able to post video and photos from the photo reel along with location from maps. There is also a sync option for events and birthdays from Facebook to the handset.

FaceTime can now be used over cellular connections so users no longer have to rely on Wi-Fi, which means you can use it when you want and wherever you want.

Other changes include redesigned mail which is now easier to use and guided access which will make the new iPhone easier for those who have learning disabilities, hearing or vision handicaps.

On the hardware front, iOS 6 doesn’t reveal anything but the New iPad 3 which debuted earlier this year does. In particular, that we can expect the iPhone 5 to come with 4G LTE compatibility.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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