More iPhone 5 Images Leaked: Look Closer, See It?

Last week there were rumors about the new iPhone 5 having support for NFC and then there was the rumor about the mini dock connector. Before this Apple supposedly let details slip out about the redesign of the iPhone 5 in some of their patent drawings.

iPhone 5 images leaked

However it has been a long time since we have seen something more reliable than just drawings and rumors. The last time this occurred was in regards to the metal rear panel on the new iPhone 5. We are still waiting for something more concrete to come along about the iPhone 5, but if you have looked at the tech news today then you might be aware of a leaked front panel for what is said to be the new iPhone 5. The leak tells us that the display of the new iPhone will be larger. The leak comes from a Chinese news site, MyDrivers, who posted the images shown below.


Ok it seems to be a panel from an iPhone but not the new model. There are many clues as to why it may be a fake though. The camera is one of them as everything that has been posted up to now leads towards the new iPhone 5 having the camera for FaceTime above the earpiece and centered, as opposed to it being offset, as it is on the iPhone and iPhone 4S. Then there is the size. The new phone is said to have a larger screen and this is added by way of height. The iPhone will have a larger display but it will not be wider. The aspect ratio on the photo looks very much the same as on the previous versions of the iPhone. However if the display is to be 4 inches, then it should be wider and taller than any other iPhone.

With some digging it seems that the image looks very much like the iFixits photo of the front panel of the iPhone 4S.

The photo therefore is almost certainly not that of the iPhone 5 panel. However they do say some very interesting things. They do confirm all the rumors about the display of the new iPhone, saying that it will be increased by 30% and will be 4 inches diagonally. They also mention some more rumours that have been going around such as the use of an in cell touchscreen and the support of NFC.

They even suggest that the new iPhone 5 will be coming out next month as opposed to the rumor of it being October. However this does seems very unlikely as this would mean that Apple would be releasing the phone less than one year after the iPhone 4S. Rumors are also going around that the iPad Mini will be revealed in October and if Apple did launch the iPhone earlier it would give both devices space instead of being released together. For now fans of both the iPhone and iPad will just have to wait and see what pans out.


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