Apple Eyes Top Phones Like One X & Galaxy Nexus As Much As Android Fans

Apple claims that the Nexus device from the combination of Samsung and Google infringes on their copyrights. To be more specific it is the way that the search results on screen take information from many sources. Simple isn’t it? Well perhaps not, but as a result the Galaxy Nexus device has been banned from sale in the US.

Apple attempts to block major rivals to iPhone 5

Now Samsung is not taking this lying down and asked the judge to lift the ban, but this was rejected. So this has left us at a cross roads with the ultimate fate of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Will Samsung once again try and have the Galaxy Nexus freed as it is, or will they modify it to appease the courts and Apple?

With the imminent release of the iPhone 5 there is no doubt that it may once again reinvent the way that people look at phones. Of course when the iPhone has come and gone, the likes of Samsung and Google will return to the drawing board for their next version of a smartphone. Some people look at the copyright case as being nothing more than a game. Apple stops one of their competitors handsets from being sold, which leaves them home free to release their latest handset while the competitors is off the shelf. Not only have they ensured that the latest phone is off the shelves, but also the latest device with the next generation operating system (while S3 is a threat, it won’t be seeing JellyBean anytime soon unlike the Galaxy Nexus). So if the Nexus was to be very popular it could disrupt the plans of Apple, but isn’t this what competition is all about? Yes but what it also does put a stop to is other company’s chances to be innovative.

If you line up some of the top giants from Apple, Google and Microsoft you would see the likes of the iPhone, Galaxy and Lumia. Apple have managed to wipe out one of these thanks to their complaint and the ban that was imposed (they haven’t been able to touch the Galaxy S3 although the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned here in the US as well). As for the Lumia, it is still in its infancy and not a big of a threat as Android. On a side note, Apple failed to block HTC One X sales in the US but did create a speed bump during its launching. Based on this, we have a feeling that Apple is eying the next big Android superphone as much as Android fans are, albeit for the wrong reasons.

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