Hey Samsung Galaxy S3, Say Hello To Mr. Big

Samsung’s amazing success with the Galaxy Note carries on, sending ripples through the smartphone world that have led to more and more phones coming out with super-sized displays of around 5-inches and up. The latest that we’ve heard of is Pantech’s Vega S5, which the manufacturer claims has the thinnest bezel of any phone in this size group.

Pantech S5 Vega phablet not only rivals Note but Samsung Galaxy S3 too

Now what really makes the Pantech Vega S5 interesting is not its big screen but the rest of the specs which would not only have it as a threat to the Note but also the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Vega S5 5-in display is an IPS LCD component and has a perfectly respectable 720p resolution. The Ice Cream Sandwich handset runs on a Snapdragon S4 chip and has a 2100mAh battery (that’s right, all those last three mentioned specs match the US Samsung Galaxy S3). It then goes on to trump the 8-megapixel shooter on the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its very own 13-megapixel camera On the back with an LED flash.

Impressed yet? We’re all curious about what the Vega S5 is capable of, but as far as we know just yet, there are only plans for a South Korea release, where it will go on the country’s LTE networks (did we mention it has 4G LTE connectivity too?). Pantech has brought out Android phones onto US carriers – think of the Burst on AT&T – but there’s been nothing about the company releasing a high-end handset yet. If Pantech ever feels like releasing a top-notch model into the US or elsewhere, then the Vega S5 may well be the model that shows the world what this modest company can do.

On a side note, while the specs of the S5 sound impressive, bigger screen aside we doubt it would be able to beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 in benchmarks. We’re hoping to get our hands on a unit once it becomes available in Korea. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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