Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Set For July 1, No Further Delays

Sprint is set to release the Samsung Galaxy S3 on 1st July reports GCP. The handset should have been launched last week with the carrier but thanks to overwhelming demand it was delayed.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 release date moved to July 1

There has been official confirmation from Sprint about the release on 1st July and they also said that the 16GB handset will be available from retail locations of the carrier, with the 32GB handset being sold online only. Sprint has set a price tag for the 16GB at $200 and the 32GB will be $250.

Sprint has also said that pre-orders of the handset would be shipped out very shortly. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most anticipated handsets of this year on the Android platform and has been released in numerous countries around the world. The phone is one of the most impressive to date from Samsung thanks to its 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen which is HD and which allows users to multi-task on a different level as they can watch HD videos through a pop out small screen while multi-tasking.

The chip on the US version of the handset differs from overseas as it has been replaced with a Snapdragon dual core model in order to be able to work with LTE networks. While this may sound like a trad-off over quad-core, it still packs a punch.

Many are saying that the true power of the phone will not be seen until the handset is released in Korea. It is thought that the phone will be a quad core and still have LTE connectivity and also have 2GB of RAM, which would make it the most powerful handset on the market.

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