iPhone 5 Skips WWDC Summer Release, Galaxy S3 Reigns

Fans of the iPhone were disappointed when Apple did not mention a word about the new iPhone 5 during the WWDC 2012 keynote. Now as CNET points out, this could mean it is the summer of Samsung and with the help of Google they could push Android into the stratosphere.

iPhone 5 no-show at WWDC 2012, leaves spotlight to Samsung Galaxy S3

While the WWDC did show us a lot of nice devices and cool things, fans could not help feeling a little disappointed as Apple did not even mention anything about a new iPhone 5 being on its way. Android now have the summer all to themselves and this of course is for the most part dominated by devices from Samsung, including the Galaxy S3.

New Android devices come along frequently but rarely do they attract attention like the iPhone does. However this all changed for Samsung with the Galaxy S3 and it is now one of the most anticipated and talked about smartphones of 2012 and it has seen all the excitement that is generally reserved only for iPhones.

No other Android based phone has been the cause of so many rumors and speculation months ahead of its release. Things are looking rosy for Samsung`s device as it is available on all five of the major carriers in the US and is the phone that people will continue talking about all summer and in fact using. As the new iPhone 5 is now expected to be announced sometime in the fall it could even take away customers of Apple`s who don’t want to wait any longer and whose contracts have expired.

Do you think this will be the summer of Samsung or does Apple have other plans in store? Sound off in the comments below.

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