US Samsung Galaxy S3: Is 2GB RAM Better Than Quad-Cores?

When we heard that a 2GB RAM version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was getting released first in Japan and then Canada, we have to wonder if this is as lucky for them as it first seems. It also highlights the high possibility that US Samsung Galaxy S3 models from the likes of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint may also follow suit.

US Samsung Galaxy S3 may be getting 2GB RAM with its dual-core, is it better than the international version?

Although they do get additional RAM, it means that the processor is no longer quad core, and instead of the Exynos chip have the Snapdragon S4 which is dual core. We are wondering if it is worth it – in fact although it sounds amazing, is 2GB RAM really necessary? We may want 2GB of RAM, but do we really need it? However it does seem to be a trend, with LG already moving onto 2GB and Samsung following suit by offering the 2GB version of the S3 in some countries may be the sensible thing to do.

Now the basic theory is that quad core devices do actually perform better than those fitted with a dual core CPU in benchmark tests, but in everyday use the difference is negligible. Doubling the RAM also does help, as you can see when you compare our current 1GB devices to our old 512MB devices. The massive improvement in these devices is obvious, and is not just down to processor speeds, better OS and more use of the GPU, though that has played a part.

The quad core Exynos does not have LTE built in, in comparison to the dual core Snapdragon which does, so in order to counteract the negative implications of less cores, we think perhaps that is why the extra 1GB RAM was added. In the end, if we had to pick between a quad-core 1GB RAM Galaxy S3 or a dual-core 2GB version, we’d go with the latter. The international HTC One X (quad-core) and the AT&T version (dual-core) is a good example as to why I wouldn’t think twice about doing so.

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