iOS 6 Features Silver Look, No More Blue In iPhone 5 [PICTURES]

The iPhone was an exciting and innovative piece of equipment when it was first launched in 2007, but unfortunately the main features of the iOS (calendar, maps, etc.) haven’t changed a great deal since then. Excitingly however, it sounds like Apple are preparing to up the ante with the iOS 6, which will makeover the appearance of the original iPhone, swapping blue for silver on the user interface.

iOS 6 features a new silver UI, to debut with iPhone 5?

The core apps are also to see a change. We got to take a sneak peek of the potential new map app with BGR. Apple are planning on not only completely removing themselves from use of Google Maps, but they are creating a new Apple 3D map. We initially took this information with a pinch of salt, but then we saw the new WWDC 2012 app by the Cupertino company. This app displays the new silver interface that we heard of, swapping the blue and black bars for all silver bars and buttons. This look will without a bout modernize the appearance of the iPhone 5 from the inside as well.

Once we noticed the changes in the WWDC 2012 app, we started to notice it elsewhere too. The new look appears in iPhoto too, and has always appeared on some of the built-in apps such as Mail, Maps and YouTube. This does give some integrity to the claims that iOS 6 will be making apps on the iPhone look more like iPad apps. In the summer update, we are expecting to see nearly all of the built-in Apple apps transformed into this new silver look. We do not know yet though whether this modernized appearance will be displayed on 3.5 or a 4 inch Retina Display.

We hope this change isn’t the only major change Apple makes to iOS GUI – there is so much more that can be done to improve it, such as widgets. We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Check out the before and after pictures to see what we mean by the iOS 5 makeover.

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