iPhone 5: FaceTime Camera Relocated To Center… But Why? [PICS]

According to the folks over at MacRumors, there has been even more leaked photos showing what the iPhone 5 will purportedly look like. This time the rumor mill takes aim at the front panel of the iPhone 5. As can be seen in the picture at the bottom, the camera for FaceTime has been moved and it now resides above the ear piece as opposed to being beside it.

iPhone 5 FaceTime camera moved to center (rumor)

The source showed earlier photos of the back plate along with the sides for what appears to be a part for the upcoming iPhone 5. uBreakiFix received photos of the phones shell in white. However there is some concern over whether or not the photos are the real deal as the font is a little suspicious. It seems to have looser spacing in the letters or they seem to be of a lighter stroke. Other than this the supposed iPhone 5 parts do seem to be almost identical to the ones shown in previous photos on another posting earlier today, which has the iPhone typeface that we have all come to love and know.

Whether or not these are the real deal or another photoshop faked we will have to wait and see. It is rumored that the iPhone 5 will be announced at Apple`s upcoming tech event, WWC 2012. If it does skip the show then we can expect iOS 6 to be unveild in stead, with the iPhone 5 only coming out later in the fall.

With the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 already on the market and receiving rave reviews, it is unclear how much longer the iPhone 4S can remain a punching bag for the two flagship Android smartphones.


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