iOS 6 Maps Navigation App Leaked: What It Looks Like [PICS]

It may have taken Apple a few years of working on their map app but according to the folks over at BGR, their map app for iOS 6 is almost ready and may finally mean free turn-by-turn navigation for iPhone users. The company chose not to go with Google maps data, instead opting to use their own, and BGR recently posted photos and info from what they described as a trusted source.

iOS 6 brings new maps navigation app to iPhone? (pictures)

The photos clearly show the app with a refreshing user interface, which includes a new navigation bar which is silver in color as opposed to being blue. At the moment the app in the current phones have the standard blue color, so it is suggested that Apple may move towards a new silver theme with the release of iOS 6.

The map app on the iPhone is a lot like Android’s Google Maps with the “locate me” button which floats in left bottom corner of the handset. Entering into 3D mode is very easy thanks to the C3 technology of Apple. Simply peel the right lower corner back of maps. Users can then go in and out of this mode just by pressing the lower left corner of their screen where the 3D icon sits.

The app is having finishing touches made to its 3D functionality with the current build being iOS 6 10A3XX. Rumor has it that it will be available summer of this year which means that we could see iOS 6 unveiled at WWDC 2012. As for the iPhone 5, that’s anyone’s guess.

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