5 Must-Have iPhone Apps

The iPhone is an all-round excellent phone for both work and pleasure. Here are five apps that no iPhone user should be without.

Must-have iPhone apps

First on the list is an app that no one should try to live without when it comes to scheduling busy lives, and it’s called Calvetica. While the iPhone does come with a calendar app pre-installed, it is a very basic one and this is where Calvetica comes in as it completely replaces the iPhones version and comes optimized for the screen of the iPhone.

Camera Plus is a great app for those who like taking shots with the more than adequate camera of the iPhone. This app provides users with photo editing that is rather sophisticated and turns your iPhone into a fully featured photo system.

A good weather app is a must for any smartphone and Weather Live is the perfect app for the iPhone to keep updated with weather in your region. It offers a great deal of information and users get the forecast on a single screen with animated background.

For file sharing and storage Dropbox is among the best and there is an app for the iPhone. This app allows the phone access to the cloud storage online and photos taken on the phone will be uploaded automatically to your dropbox for safe keeping.

Finally and by no means least is a great app for taking notes courtesy of Evernote. With this app users can store notes in a cloud and sync from the phone to the cloud and computer and notes can be taken by text or voice and the uploading of photos from the phone.

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