Google I/O 2012 Free Gift: Android 5.0 Jellybean Nexus Tablet?

The highly anticipated Nexus tablet from Google will reportedly have some high-end specs despite the rumored low price tag. A source recently spoke to YouMobile saying that the anticipated Nexus Android 4.0 tablet will have a Tegra 3 quad core processor specifically. It is also thought that it might come with Android 5.0 already installed, otherwise known as Jellybean, instead of Android 4.0.

Google Nexus Android 5.0 Jellybean tablet rumors

The Nexus tablet is said to have a 7-inch screen, but it may well be released with a completely different name. A source said the name Nexus may be replaced with something entirely new; however there is no official confirmation. ASUS will purportedly be behind the tablet as they have done other successful tablets in the past. The source also add that it is rumored that Google will be handing them out to people who visit the I/O event which is to be held in June. The tablet is anticipated to be released in July with prices beginning in the $299 and up range.

On a side note, it is thought that Google will partner with multiple manufacturers when they release Android 5.0. The Wall Street Journal reports that five tablet/phone manufacturers will be on hand to help launch the software. That equates to five Nexus devices launching in the US by Thanksgiving, all of them having pure Android 5.0 pre-installed at launch.

Nevertheless, as with all rumors we suggest taking this one with a grain of salt too.