Unusually Big Orders Of 2012 MacBook Pro Placed, Price Cut Imminent?

There is nothing like having confidence in a product and according and Apple certainly has plenty of it in the MacBook Pro 2012. If the rumors are to be believed Apple have started to place large orders for the MacBook Pro 2012. It is also rumored that due to this, havoc is being caused in the supply chain due to a shortage of workers, which is said to be affecting the way suppliers are able to meet the demands of Apple.

Huge 2012 MacBook Pro orders being placed (rumor)

It has been suggested that some suppliers have had to outsource orders just so that they can meet Apple’s demands. Ubergizmo reports that unknown sources have said that manufacturers in East China had not expected such high demand in what is typically a slow season in the world of the IT industry.

2012 MacBook Pro release date set for July?

If speculations are true then maybe the previous claims of Apple setting a launch date for July may also be true. Before all of this came to light it had been said that production of the MacBook Pro 2012 started in April. Whether any of those rumors are true or not fans of the MacBook will just have to wait to find out. Apples WWDC 2012 is of course just around the corner, could this be when the announcement is made?

Until then we can expect more speculations to come about as to why Apple is placing such huge orders for the 2012 MacBook Pro. Does the Cupertino-based company plan to reduce the price tag to appeal more to mainstream customers just like the MacBook Air which has been a runaway success? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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