Siri Eat Your Heart Out! Galaxy S3 Voice App Now For All Androids

The S-Voice virtual assistant app which was recently unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available for users of all Android phones running the latest Android 4.0 update. SlashGear reports that the app has apparently been hacked and it is said to work in virtually the same way as the voice assistant we saw on the official Samsung Galaxy S3.

iPhone 4S Siri rival, S-Voice app from Samsung Galaxy S3, now for all Android 4.0 phones

The app was very popular and it had been dubbed as being the rival to Apple’s Siri. Owners of any Android phone capable of running the app are able to download it online from the XDA developer’s forums.  A user there has provided a download link to the fully flash ready package. However as the app has been ripped from the Galaxy S3 there is no guarantee that it will work perfectly, if at all, for those installing it on all other devices. News of the leak means that owners of Android handsets who download and install the app will have been able to get their hands on it before the Samsung Galaxy S3 has even been released.

On the Samsung Galaxy S3, the app works as a virtual assistant. Owners are able to speak to the phone and ask questions such as “what is the weather like in London” and the phone will open the weather app and show you. Pretty nifty right? With Apple recently starting up again with its iPhone 4S commercials showing how convenient Siri is, this little hack is sure to attract a lot of interest. If you want to see what we mean, check out the latest iPhone 4S commercial featuring John Malkovich on TV.

Update: We’ve tested out the S-Voice app on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000 model running official ICS) and it seems to function well. We will be trying it out on a couple of other Android 4.0 handsets like the HTC One X very soon, until then do tell us your experience.


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