AT&T iPhone 5: Buzz Around AT&T Model Highest Despite Younger LTE Network [SURVEY]

It seems that the possibility of a bigger display and LTE offering of the iPhone 5 has driven stronger interest than usual for the upcoming 6th generation Apple phone. This was found by a recent survey conducted by PC World and MacWorld looking into the upcoming release of Apple’s iPhone 5. Around 70 per cent of MacWorld readers and 15 per cent of PCWorld readers plan to buy the iPhone 5, and around 40 per cent of non-readers of these magazines have said they’d buy the new gadget.

iPhone 5 buzz

The survey had 1,248 respondents, 385 of whom didn’t read either magazine. Most of the respondents will decide to buy the AT&T version of the iPhone 5, with Verizon taking second place among the respondents.

Network providers invest a lot of money to attract consumers who will switch networks to follow a new device, especially devices like an iPhone 5. These networks will also aim to carry the latest iPhone model as well as offer a better LTE service to customers. The main reason a customer will switch networks is to get a better deal and more savings with their new mobile plans.

After price, the second biggest reason for switching is the additional services offered by the new network. Data speed in particular is a major factor mobile network providers can use to draw in new subscribers.

Among the non-readers of the magazines who were prepared to switch providers once the iPhone 5 is released, 24 per cent of them would choose AT&T, with 20 per cent expressing a preference for T-Mobile. Spring was third with 19 per cent, and Verizon fourth with 15 per cent.

The survey also showed that Verizon and AT&T were top of the customer satisfaction league with 64 and 62 per cent of customers happy with their service. Apple still has to make an official statement on the launch of the iPhone 5, although some earlier reports have mentioned a slimmer model that features a Qualcomm processor and 4G LTE support.

The iPhone 4S’ success has led industry analysts to think that the iPhone 5 will be a huge success, especially since it will have features not offered in the current version, including 4G LTE support.

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