Samsung Galaxy S3 Crushes HTC One X In Nearly Every Benchmark

On 29th May, the UK, Germany and select parts of Europe will see the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, before it makes its debut in the US in the summer. This has been waited for with anticipation, due to the new features and quad-core Exynos processor which the S3 will come with, which has already led to a reported 9 million pre-orders of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

With the aforementioned 1.4GHz quad-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be the only quad-core smartphone on the market as the HTC One X brags a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. However regardless of this, the Galaxy S3 has definitely had more exposure.

With the two Android smartphones fighting it out to be the fastest on the market, competition is tough.  As far as benchmark tests go, CNet UK have tested both the devices and the Galaxy S3 is leading the way, with the One X falling behind in performance. The Quadrant benchmark tests I/O devices, CPU, memory and graphics, and on this test the S3 came out with 5,289 points to the One X’s 4,904 points. In the Antuntu benchmark test, the S3 got 12,112 points to the One X’s 10,827. Finally, in the GL Benchmark’s Standard Egypt test running at 59fps, the S3 scored the same as the new iPad (which is quad-core graphics powered), with the One X lagging behind once again with 52 frames per second.

The Exynos 4 quad chip appears to exceed any current smartphone on the market with its power, with the new processor supporting clock speeds in excess of 1.4 GHz according to Samsung.

XDA can’t wait for release of the S3 and are hoping to overclock the chip to it’s maximum potential, which is not only incredibly powerful, but also energy efficient, using DVFS (Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling) technology to turn off each core when not in use.

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