LG Smashes iPhone 4S Retina Display With 1080p Full HD 5″ Phone Screen

When you think of high-end smartphone displays a couple of devices come to mind. In particular the iPhone 4S Retina Display and even the Samsung Galaxy Note. However LG has now taken things up a couple of notches with a 5-inch display of 1080p with 440ppi.

LG 1080p full HD display with 440dpi beats iPhone 4S Retina Display in every way

The screen on the Display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 as the phone has been specifically designed to play content in high definition. The technology in the LED is impressive thanks to it being Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching, aka AH-IPS. This is said to provide some of the very best wide viewing angles, along with having response times that are very fast; and efficiency when it comes to brightness.

Rumors have it that it will not be long before consumers are able to get their hands on this technology as it should be available on LG Android smartphones from the second half of 2012. The display is said to be a significant step forward in mobile technology and is the first smartphone that offers full HD quality. It will be interesting to see which other manufacturer has also been silently working on full 1080p HD displays since LG’s announcement of it suggests that it is feasible cost-wise.

iPhone 5? Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Who’s Next?

Could we see the next 1080p HD screen on the iPhone 5 or possibly a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Or does LG have a huge lead over its rivals? Whatever it maybe, boasting 440 dpi on a mobilephone screen is extraordinary and we can’t wait to see it in person when it will be exhibited for the first time at SID 2012 Display Week in Boston next month.