T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Hits July 11, Verizon Version Still Unknown?

Fans around the world of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have been eagerly waiting for official confirmation of the release of the handset. The UK have just a matter of a few days to wait but what about residents of the US?

According to PocketNow, a roadmap has been leaked from T-Mobile which shows the US release date for the blue version of the Galaxy S3 to be June 20. However there is no actual confirmation at the moment, this is just rumored from the leak. If this is true then US fans will be able to get their hands on the phone on the same day as those in Canada as they too have been tipped to get the phone on the same date (Best Buy Canada). The white version of the phone will be released later on July 11th, suggests the source.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note coming in July?

However what is also interesting is the leaked T-Mobile roadmap suggests we could see the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note on July 11. Now if you’ve been following past leaks then you will have seen the images of a Samsung Galaxy Note with T-Mobile branding. If this hold true then we could finally see an end to AT&T exclusivity on the ‘phablet’.

Where is the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note (Journal)?

It also brings up an interesting question, when can we know expect the rumored Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note a.k.a Galaxy Journal to make its way to the No.1 carrier in the US.


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