Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets 4 New Pals: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile Models Or Just More Galaxy Devices?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 just days away from release in the UK and perhaps just a month away from release in the US, does the company have plans already for more devices or are these the names of the many variants we may see come about next month (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 models)?

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 variants or future devices?

According to PocketNow, the company has been registering trademarks for many Galaxy series device over the last few months. It could be that Samsung are merely looking well ahead into the future and are being optimistic, hoping that they will use them one day or just prepping for variants as mentioned above. One thing is for sure that at the moment and that is they have registered many more names than they could ever release in the near future.

The company have trademarks for the Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp and the Galaxy Helm. Could these be the names of smartphones of the future or will Samsung never use them at all? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment.

At the moment with the anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 no one is really interested in what they might do in the future as it is all about now and getting one’s hands on the S3. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to be June 20 in the US for the blue version of the handset and just days away in the UK. So it won’t be too long now until those who have pre-ordered their phones will be waiting eagerly for the postman knocking on their door.


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