Samsung Tries To Cover Up June 20 Galaxy S3 Release Date For US & Canada?

Everyone is awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Residents in Dubai were the first lucky ones and the UK is next on the list, with no release date as yet being given for the US and Canada.

Canada & US Samsung Galaxy S3 release date pegged for around June 20?

However according to MobileSyrup and leaked photos, North Americans will soon get their hands on the phone. And by soon we mean as early as June 20. Photos have appeared with the release date for Canada and claim that they may be just around the corner. The leaked ad which shows the phone as being available with leading carriers in Canada with the launch date of the 20th June has since been removed. According to MobileSyrup, Samsung themselves contacted the blog to have the leaked screenshots removed. So this may not be just another rumor but instead Samsung trying to prevent the cat coming out of the bag too soon.

As TMoNews adds, if the Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Canada on June 20, we can expect carriers like T-Mobile to get it around the same time. We’ll be keeping eyes open for official confirmation on this date.

The US Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE models are rumored to come with a dual-core processor and possibly even 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB like the international model. More reports suggest that the blue Samsung Galaxy S3 will hit the market first followed by the more popular white version in the following month.


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