Samsung Galaxy S3 Delayed After 600,000 Units Left Without Battery Door?

There have been many rumors floating around about a delay in the release of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to Phandroid, the delay may have been due to the fact of faulty battery door covers.

It is rumored that Samsung had to destroy almost 600,000 covers following a defect to the cover on the pebble blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has been suggested that this may have been the reason many who thought they were getting their hands on the coveted handset on time were disappointed and have had to wait.

US Samsung Galaxy S3 release date may get affected too?

Negri Electronics did confirm the delays; however the strange thing is that the e-mail they sent out was in regards to the white version of the phone. The e-mail was sent out to all individuals who had pre-ordered the phone to make sure they got their hands on it first. The e-mail explained that they still anticipated being the first to get hold of the handset on the 29th. Originally this was supposed to have been the 25th. They also stated that they would have the blue version of the phone before the white with the while model expected on June 1st.

It is unclear whether the delays will affect those waiting for it in the US, the release date is rumored to be late June, however the official release date has yet to be announced.


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