iPhone 5 US Release Date: 6 Things To Remember

As we approach WWDC 2012 in June, we all start to wonder if an announcement about the iPhone 5 will be made. A lot of analysts think that it’s silly to believe that this annual tradition actually exists. They think that a much more sensible decision, market-wise, would be for Apple to choose a fall release date in September or October. Staff at iPhone5NewsBlog have cited a couple of reasons why we can expect a June launch as well as a couple of reasons to expect a fall release. Read on to find six of the points they made that are worth thinking about.

iPhone 5 release date – three reasons why it’s better to wait for the fall

Small carriers: Apple has only just released the iPhone 4S to smaller operations, and Apple should really give them time to establish the 4S as a popular product before launching the iPhone 5. When Apple allowed Verizon to sell the iPhone, it gave the network plenty of time to promote it as a flagship phone before sending out the 4S.

The fall release theory: Although it might be foolish to give weight to outside info on Apple’s plans, DigiTimes has published a few (unnamed) Asian sources (maybe component partners) that all talk about a planned fall release.

Profit: If the 4S is to make its maximum profit, Apple has to give it a year before launching the newer model. If it launches products faster than people can – or want to – buy them, it’s missing out on a lot of sales.

However, there are three counter-strikes against these sage opinions:

Nano-SIM: Apple tried recently to get the patent for the Nano-SIM fast-tracked. The most obvious and logical reason for this move is so that the company is ready for a June launch of the iPhone 5.

iPhone5.com: Apple’s acquisition of this domain name has surprised many market experts. In the same way as the Nano-SIM move, though, it seems to point to an early release of the product.

iPhone 4 sales are falling and the 4S is on sale: People are buying fewer and fewer of these products – why? As people’s demand for these phones decreases, the supply of them increases, leading to a surplus in purchasable phones. What many people fail to remember, though, is that this is a familiar pattern. When the latest Apple innovation starts to lose popularity, a new product takes its place on the pedestal. This year it will be the iPhone 5 in June.

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