Trigger The Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Update Now

Samsung’s official Galaxy Note Android 4.0 update was released a couple of  weeks ago in some parts of Europe. All reviews and opinions suggest that there are no bugs and that it has a lot of improvements to add to the already feature-rich Galaxy Note.

How to Get the Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Right Now

Sadly for some, the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Premium Suite update has been staggered and it seems to be available only in some areas of Europe and recently South Korea. However, this update is for the GT-N7000 model which is the international GSM Galaxy Note, which is used all over the UK and Asia as well, This means it’s technically compatible with many Galaxy Note units.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (you can check whether you have by rebooting your Note and watching the boot animation, as it will display your model number), then you can trigger the update yourself.

The XDA Developers forums have been so kind as to prepare a very concise and easy-to-follow set of instructions to take you through the update process. Don’t forget that you’ll need to root your Galaxy Note in order to do it, and so the risk is on you.

Find the instructions here

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